General Informations


 1. How to fill the Forms ?
 2. Use of the Jokers
 3. For a good consultation.... or how not to lose points unnecessarily
 4. Example concerning the search for a marriage certificate ...
 5. Seek by Godfather and Godmother
 6. Seek on the spelling variants
 7. Organization of the tables by Cantons
 8. Localization of the communes of the Côtes d'Armor
 9. Use of the Safeguarded Data
 10. The memorandum of Corail-Net
 11. The Gold Book of Corail-Net
 12. Search for acts of the Parochial Registers in the 'Virtual Room'
 13. Case of the old navigators
 14. Risks of operation at the charged hours with the server
 15. Monthly statistics of CORAIL-NET

1. How to fill the Forms ?

No particular field is essential. But at least one field must be indicated.
The patronyms will be seized in not accentuated small letters.
The patronyms preceded by an article or a particle must be seized without the article or the particle.
Examples :

le grand     =>  grand
de montfort  =>  montfort
d'avaugour   =>  avaugour

In the event of lapse of memory, Corail-Net takes care of elimination of the articles and particles, as well as suppression of "decorations" of letters (accents, cedilla...) and passage in small letters for all the letters.

2.Use of the Jokers

The Jokers (? and *) are used to carry out research on approximate orthographies :
"?" replaces any single character,
"*" represents any character string, including the 'empty' string.

The requests sent to the server require the research of the patronyms (or first names) STARTING with the character strings registered in the data entry form, except for the chains from 1 to 4 characters where research is 'strict'.
Consequently, for the chains of 5 characters or more (Joker "?" included), it is thus USELESS to place a jocker "*" at the end of the chain.
It is necessary as to keep in mind as there are made up first names which are "recovered" by the joker "*" at the end of the chain.

3. For a good consultation.... or how not to lose points unnecessarily

The more you inform the form, plus your research will be fine and more you will tend towards the only possible answer.
But on the other hand, more you inform it and more you are likely not to have any answer.

  • Will be able in consequence to limit your requests, but with certainty. The marriage intervenes generaly before the birth of the child of which you have the precise date. Then indicate in your request a limiting date to restrict the number of the answers.
  • For the patronyms which have many alternatives, do not hesitate to use research including the spelling variants,
  • Of the same ridges for the box first name, if need be.
  • If the spelling of the patronym of the man makes problems to you, you can question on the name of the woman or the mother, if you have some certainty in this respect.

In short, we advise you to leave the broadest range and to limit your request then.

4. Example concerning the search for a marriage certificate ...

--> Start by indicating only the name of married and ridges your research on one of the parishes where the ceremony probably took place.

  • If you have 0 answer, then test in your request only the name of the woman.
  • If you have several proposals, then put the first name of the woman with possibly a limiting date.

You will have perhaps nothing any more but one or two answers. You will be able to then ask to consult and you will have perhaps the surprise to see the act sought with a different spelling for the name from the husband who was perhaps translated the Breton one into French or conversely (Ex Yaouanck pour Le Jeune).

Example of result for a search for marriage.

5. Seek by Godfather and Godmother

Corail-Net allows also research on the fields Parrain and Godmother in the form 'Birth' for the communes which have this information.
These fields are currently with the format:
< First name > < Name > < Title >
Examples :
Jean LE BRETON (Mtre),
Anne CONEN (Dlle),
Pierre GUEGAN (Missire),
Prigent DE MESNEUF sieur du Verger.

Using the Jokers, you can seek a title (Me, Mtre, Sr, Sieur, dlle, noble, Missire, honorable, EC., Ecuyer...), a first name, a name, or a combination of the three.
To seize margu*conen*dl* in the field Godmother to find all the events of "Marguerite CONEN (Dlle)"

6.Seek on the spelling variants

Research on the spelling variants functions only when you entered at least a surname (or a first name) complete and without Jokers.
If no seized 'Surname' and 'First name' field contains Joker(s), research by alternative will be done on all the well informed 'Surname' and 'First name' fields (up to 5 in the form 'death' !).
If you use of Jockers in all the fields 'Surames' and 'First names' of the form, it is recommended to put at No research by spelling variant.

7. Organization of the tables by Cantons

In the menu of Corail-Net, an icon allows access to geographical cutting by canton. This chart is important because it makes it possible to know the whole of the parishes belonging to a given canton, since the data base of Corail-Net is organized in this way.
The overflight of the cantons by the mouse causes the posting of the name of the canton and the communes which make it up.

8. Localization of the communes of the Côtes d'Armor

The site of Sylvain Chardon (LOCOM - France) is very interesting because it proposes to locate the communes directly on the chart of the department of the Côtes d'Armor. It thus supplements usefully the chart of the cantons seen previously.
Moreover, it proposes the information quantified on the communes as well as the associated chart of Cassini for possibly locate a locality.

9. Use of the Safeguarded Data

Corail-Net calls upon "Data Safeguarded" on your own computer. It is what one commonly calls of the "Cookies", whose management is dealt with on the level of your navigator. The latter can accept or not the "Cookies" or limit their use, according to what you will have decided.
In each page of form (Birth, Marriage, Death) the safeguarded data are the data seized by the user: Date Min, Date max, Fist Name, Surname etc...
The choices "department", "canton", "commune" or "spelling Variant" are also safeguarded, but not in the form of Cookies.

The data are safeguarded when the page of the form is left (Birth, Marriage, or Death).
They are reloaded to each time one returns in the form.
Their lifespan is one month starting from the last date of modification : also you can find your last seized data, for example, one week later.
You can pass from a screen of "results" to your form of origin, or from a screen of "General Information" such this one and return to your form without having to seize again your data.
A button "Erase" is available in each form to clean of only one click the safeguarded data of the current form.

10. The memorandum of Corail-Net

This small tool, represented by an icon , plays the part of electronic "Post-It" in which you can place small messages of recall of an action to be undertaken.
These messages are also placed in of the "Cookies" of which the lifespan is two months maximum.
You can erase these messages on achievement of the indexed actions. Like the data of the data entry form, this information is clean to the navigator whom you use. If you use two different navigators, you can thus manage two distinct "memoranda".

11. The Gold Book of Corail-Net

A Gold Book is at the disposal of the visitors to give their impressions to it on this site or if required to announce their wishes of evolutions.
It is not a Forum, therefore for the possible questions, you will refer to the Yahoo Forum of the CG22.
It is accessible in the menu by an icon representing a 'book' .
To make stopping with the Spam (not requested messages), it will be asked to you (it is even compulsory) to copy a number in the corresponding field.
Also avoid putting in your message of the words generally used in the spams (names of drugs...) because the internal filter will refuse your message.

12. Search for acts of the Parochial Registers in the 'Virtual Room'

The "Archives Départementales of Côtes d'Armor" (AD22) place at the disposal on their Internet site the digitized parochial registers of all the communes of the Côtes d'Armor.
In partnership with the AD22, the Genealogical Center of the Côtes d'Armor dealt with the indexing of these parochial registers in order to facilitate the access to the year of them.
With these two sites, you can thus directly find the acts whose you discovered the existence thanks to Corail-Net.

13. Case of the old navigators

Certain old navigators do not manage the "calcs", technique used by the Corail program to post the lists of Cantons or Parishes.
It acts of the navigators former to IE5, or the specific case of IE5 on Mac platform.
The evolutions brought to Corail by the CG22 will not concern these obsolete navigators.
The users of Mac platform can on the other hand use their navigator to have the last Corail evolutions.

14. Risks of operation at the charged hours with the server

Corail-Net is in shared Hosting, i.e. it shares the material and software resources of the same server with several other customers. Like any server accessible to the public, this server has peak hours which one can locate between 11h30 and 18h30, with a more marked point between 11h30 and 14h00.
During these charged hours, certain resources can be lacking, as for example connections towards the server of the data base MySql.
In these cases, if you have a message of the type "Impossible to be connected to the MySql server", it will be enough for you later to "re-try" your chance a few tens of seconds.

Particular case : you can find yourselves in absence of connection to the medium of a transaction with GeneaBank and not be able to recover your results.
In this situation, it is recommended to return, by the key "Backward" of your navigator, in the last page of GeneaBank and click again at the place specified in the example below.
When you (finally) obtain a connection with the server of the data base, your results will be posted normally.

15. Monthly statistics of CORAIL-NET

Statistics of CORAIL-NET for september 2006

Association enregistrée sous le N°4951 - Préfecture des C.d.N. le 18.03.1985
Adress : Centre Généalogique des Côtes d'Armor 3bis rue Bel-Orient 22000 Saint-Brieuc